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1. What is Macro Mass?

A. Macro Mass is an online anabolic steroids pharmacy based in Asia (Pakistan). We export legal products at buyer's risk only.

2. Which products do we deal in?

 A.  It can be clearly seen that we deal only in anabolic related products. e.g. – Steroids (Inject able, Oral), Branded Medicine, Generic Medicine, HGH's, HCG's, HCL's, Sexual Health Enhancers, Sleeping Medicine, Syringes & Needles, Pain Killers and more forms of anabolics.

3. Is everything listed on the website always available in stocks?

A. It is not necessary for everything listed on the website to be always available in stocks because of issues with our stockists abroad or issues with shipping from Pakistan to our stockists or any other issues our shippers may be having like health, security, anonymity & more. Therefore, It is always advised to e-mail us at least once at our e-mail addresses listed on the Contact Us page of our website or to submit the Contact Us page form on our website to verify stocks availability before ordering or before sending payment.

4. How long do we take to ship an order?

A. As soon as we receive the order payment, we ship the order. All orders are shipped within 24 hours (Except Govt. Holidays or Postal Holidays/Failures/Customs Issues) after successful payment withdrawal.

5. Do we provide tracking of orders?

A. Yes, for each and every order we provide the tracking within 24 hours (Except Govt. Holidays or Postal Holidays/Failures/Customs Issues) after the payment has been made. Tracking is provided immediately after the order has been shipped.

6. How and where can the status of any order be tracked by using the tracking?

A. The status of any order can be tracked by simply opening the TRACK SHIPMENTS page and putting your tracking in the tracking box. After you put your tracking in the tracking box, please press the track button given in front of the tracking box to see the status of your order.

7. Which countries can we ship to?

A.  We can ship world wide to almost all countries (Europe, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and rest of the world) depending on countries having direct flights from Pakistan. We can also ship to other countires having no direct flights from Pakistan by re-shipping parcels from UK, USA, Singapore or Dubai.

8. What is our packing method?

A.  We use discrete envelope packing method mostly by taping the contents of the order tightly and then covering them with bubbled wrapper and carbon paper which makes the package air tight, shock resistant, water resistant, and sound proof. But if customer desires to get his/her package packed by another method we can pack that way.

9. Which customers should choose EMS as their order shipping method?

A. Customers of such destinations (UK, USA or Sweden) where flights go directly from Pakistan should choose EMS as default order shipping method.

10. Which customers should choose Royal Mail as their order shipping method?

A. Customers of Europian countries or other destinations rather than (UK, USA or Sweden) should choose Royal Mail as their default shipping method.

11. How do shipping charges apply?

 A.  From 1 gram to 1000 grams shipping charges apply for 1 kg. If package weight goes above 1000 grams shipping charges apply for 2 kg.

12. How can the weight of any product be found?

 A. Weight of each and every product is mentioned with the product details. Normally 300 amps or 300 blisters weigh 1 kg.

13. How can the weight be calculated while making an order?

 A.  Our shopping cart automatically adds the weight of each and every product. At the end of the ordering process your shipping charges are automatically calculated depending on the weight of your desired products which can be seen easily.

14. What time do we take to respond to the customer e-mails?

 A. We respond to customer e-mails soon as we read them. We reply to each and every e-mail sent to us immediately. We try to stay connected to our clients in a variety of ways that mostly other vendors don't offer. Please try checking our Contact Us page for having a list of ways to connect to us.

15. What if someone doesn’t receive any response from us?

 A.  Pease check your spam/junk folder. We respond to each and every customer. Our e-mails are encrypted due to which sometimes the mailing servers move our messages to spam/junk folders.

16. What if any order gets stuck in customs?

 A.  Please refer to the Shipping & Reshipping Policy page for details.

17. Which other ways do we provide reshipping?

 A.  Please refer to the Shipping & Reshipping Policy page for details.

18. What are your Shipping & Reshipping Terms for stocks from other locations besides Pakistan?

A. Please find the policies of Shipping & Reshipping for each location by clicking on its category and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Every location has its own Shipping & Reshipping Policies posted beneath its category.  

19. Why don’t we use Paypal?

 A.  We would love to use Paypal if this service was available in Pakistan. You can search on Google and see that Paypal service is not available in Pakistan.

20. How being member of Macro Mass benefits the customers?

 A. Customers can stay updated to their fresh and previous orders status, important announcements, notifications, news, updates, special promotions, offers and much more by being a member of Macro Mass.

21. What are demo accounts?

 A. When some customer makes an order on Macro Mass, the server automatically for the customer’s ease makes a demo member account so that the customer can next time simply login to his/her account to get the required details regarding his/her order.

22. How customers can be eligible to get special discounted offers?

 A.  After a customer completes his/her 10 orders from us, we provide him/her a Special 10% off coupon code valid for 100 orders to be made anytime from Macro Mass.

23. How can customers send us payments?

 A.  We have made Macro Mass a very user friendly website. Customers can send us their payment details by just simply clicking on the SEND PAYMENTS page on our website and entering the necessary details. Customers can also e-mail us their payment details at: payments@macromass.cn

 24. Can orders be placed on the 24/7 online chat support given on Macro Mass?

 A. Yes, customers can get details, place orders or give us feedback any time on the 24/7 online chat support given on Macro Mass.


For any further details, questions or suggestions please feel free to give us a call back on our 24 hour helplines For USA: +1-315-633-3311 , For UK : +44-115-888-0801 or e-mail us at support@macromass.cn .